Once in a year…      it’s really BEARISH in Hamburg!

Every weekend around the third Saturday in January, the bears and their friends conquer Hamburg and celebrate a great festival with many facets for an entire weekend!

This event started more than 20 years ago with a small disco in the MHC on Borgweg. There, the Nordbär founders wanted to offer a small event for the bear scene that is just awakening. None of you suspected that it would become Germany’s largest and most popular event.

After only a few years, the hall in the MHC became too small for the more than 500 participants, so we cautiously asked the Markthalle. In the following years, they still offered us the perfect location for the bear couple.

In the beginning we only had the foyer and the art room .. The Marx then offered the first extension .. Until we opened the gates to the large hall due to space constraints and thus arrived at the Bärenpaaddiie XXL.

Although the market hall bursts at the seams with us bears every year in January, we remain loyal to this unique location, just like the team at the Markthalle and above all, the event manager responsible for us, Evelyn, who always stood by our side!

In addition to the main party, a colorful supporting program has now established itself, which starts with the Bear sauna at the Dragon Sauna Hamburg and the welcome evening in the Uebel & Gefaehrlich, ends with a sporty bowling and a touristic sightseeing tour on Saturday and the Bearpaadiie XXL. Finally it ends with the now legendary Sunday Brunch ..

So be there and celebrate a great, peaceful & bearish party with us!