It was a long time ago in a galaxy not so far away …

The fashion rascals had a firm grip on the Hamburg scene and anyone who wasn’t at least normal weight and had a depilatory cream was put under house arrest and had to lead a lonely bear life.

But even the few guys who love it round and hairy had to put up with bulimic hunger hooks and were terribly unhappy.

However, a small group of rebels no longer wanted to hide and organized the resistance in a well-known pub.

So it happened that in 1998 60 brave guys met at “Willi’s” during a cold winter evening and founded the “bears & friends” regulars’ table.

Shortly thereafter, the first big rebellion against dieters and hair removers followed – the first “bear couple” took place and shook everyone who had previously been hiding in their huts, caves and houses.

The Bearpaadiie has developed into a permanent event in the bear scene and attracts up to 1600 party-loving bears from everywhere every year.

In addition, the small rebel group, which is constantly growing, not only organizes the party that marks the start of the gay bear year, but also draws attention to itself at the annual CSD.

And if you like it more contemplative and intimate or maybe even sporty, you will find the right event for you with annual barbecues, asparagus or kale, with the hikes “bear sprouts” and “leafy rustle” or with the bicycle pedelec tour.

If you would like to find out more about these upright rebels, you are invited to attend the Nordbären regulars’ table at the monthly, conspirative meeting (location will be announced here and on the homepage).

And if you are still brave about your inclination, your preferences and your appearance, you can also become a member of this rebel group and show that there are other gays than you generally think!